The True Meaning of Sex

Great Sex – Your Ultimate Guide For Men Č Regardless of what gender a woman chooses to be attracted to, men always crave great sex in their lives. According to survey conducted by PRRI and conducted among men and women married for more than 15 years, married couples the prefer sex over bananas, grapes, pedestals and toys — with a tie.

PRRI is a leading sex surveyor, soliciting sex feedback from across America. Their survey is an authoritative study produced with a predictable result: a more sexual marriage means more sex. From a series of questions about different aspects of sex asked share your opinion on 21 common myths and misconceptions about sex.

Couples who have a satisfying sex life are healthier, they are happier, and they live longer. So what does marriage have to do with sex? A lot everything. Well actually, everything. Marriage is the only thing that improves your sex life and makes it better. So why should every relationship be restricted to just one sexual partner?

The PRRI explains that “shopping for a house” does not improve your sex life. Getting a new car may make the car better, but it does not improve your sex life. Shoring up your sex life with a single source is the sure way to improve your marriage. Over time, sex can become boring unless you find pleasurable activities and activities that excite you.

The PRRI explains that “cheese is overrated”. A study conducted among married couples for PRRI’s “Overrated Cheeses” project found out that sex still improves over time and romantic cheese is not an aphrodisiac. “Ultimately you get what you pay for”, so to speak. Buy a hamper with a nice collection of hamper and offer your partner, a nice selection of cheese, a nice hamper with a nice collection of chocolates, candies, lotions, so forth, but it does not really guarantee that your marriage will wear a cheese cap.

The PRRI explains that “living in the house and taking care of the kids” is the first thing “you should do before you get in the car for the drive”. A single mother will care for the kids if she can but it will be a lot harder to live in the house alone after the kids are born. You will still “get in the mood” but it will not be as strong. The stronger the “mood”, the less likely you are to want to get it on. You should get the kids babysat regularly, if possible every night. The True Meaning of Sex

And if you are like most single mothers, you will be exhausted by the end of the day. You will not be in the mood for sex anyway. So the PRRI explains that “playing together” at the end of the day, “will help you get rid of your exhaustion and help you get in the mood”. The parallel is true for dancing, sex or doing anything involving “having sex”, whether you are a man or a woman. “Practicing” will make you look forward for the next time rather than looking for it in the same light.

All in all, the PRRI concluded that “the true meaning of sex does not relate to having intercourse but to the expression of affection”. The PRRI survey respondents were not opposed to monogamy; they just didn’t think it was a good idea, hence the preference for a variety of non-monogamous relationships. What does this tell us?

As a man, my take is that you are supposed to find ways to pleasure your woman. That should be your mission. If you are doing that and you are enjoying sex with your woman, that is wonderful. You should say so and not be ashamed of it.

But if you are not doing that, you are breaking your own heart. You are making a false turn to a woman who doesn’t want to give you anything sexual. Just think about it: if she doesn’t want you to ejaculate inside her, doesn’t that tell you that you are doing something wrong? The True Meaning of Sex

So, when you say to a woman, “I want to make love to you,” or you say “I love you,” you are fulfilling the woman’s emotional needs. That is correct. But your mission is to give her severe sexual pleasures until she is in the zone, gets off, and begs for more.

You can get to the point of having her ready just by kissing her. Many men don’t get this because they think that is what women want. But, that isn’t true. If you don’t get her sexually excited and ready, she won’t have an orgasm. It’s really that simple.

If you don’t get this thingready, you can’t give her any orgasms; and if she has had lots of orgasms in her past, then you are doing something right. Otherwise, you are practically disposable.