How to Get a Woman in Bed

How to Get a Woman in Bed

Sex Tips: Fast Food Isn’t Always the Way to Go Č Although fast food has been touted as more than just a filling meal for a filling stomach, it has a long way to go before it moves beyond the realm of horse racing and into the dining room. Food made for the bedroom should be finer and more delicate, but sometimes basic cravings require a quick fix. Men should no longer be afraid of a fast meal; they should remove the resolve from the equation entirely.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for a quickie.

– Know how to use a variety of positions.There’s nothing wrong with following suit of standard moves; after all, variety is the spice of life. However, moving beyond the traditional rear-entry position, or the spoon position, is necessary to create a truly timeless quality in a sexual encounter. The latter type of kiss-control situation can create a powerfully erotic experience, so often couples forget about their knickering knees and need a kick in the butt. Go for a doggie style position where she’s on all fours; this position makes achieving orgasm easier, since penetration is more limited.

– Think of foreplay as a delicious appetizer.Sure, there’s nothing wrong with savoring every edible portion of a meal, but focusing on pre-dinner dessert can be a welcome change. Chocolate fondue; whipped cream – it’s all a gamut of pleasure that works just as nicely for afterward as an appetizer. And a rich, creamy desert doesn’t need to be intricate – a simple chocolate milksicle – or even a box of SpiceCandles – will do.

– Consider a little seduction.For most, making contact with the male erogenous zones is usually a primary source of pleasure; indeed, research reveals that some women inadvertently have orgasmssimply by kissing and touching their partners. Making visual contact with one’s partner’s anatomy is also a great way for a woman to strengthen her orgasmic response. It also makes a man feel more masculine – and that can only work to a guy’s benefit. How to Get a Woman in Bed

– Work up to a climax. Guys tend to finish far more quickly than women, and a session lasting several minutes is often beyond reach for most women. There’s no shame in enjoying a session of hot, sexy kissing; in fact, a penis-stimulated tongue is a perfect expression of male pleasure. But a lengthy session can be frustrating; sometimes a woman needs to be satisfied differently.

– Glyde the g-spot. 😉 The famous 19th century German gynecologist and sexologist Ernest Grafenberg first identified this mysterious spot – hence the name of his famous book, “The Female G-Spot” – and described it as something that kicks into high gear at just about the time when a woman is about to have an orgasm. A small, soft bump? Lots of men have found evidence that indicates that it does exist, and with a little bit of luck, it’s something that can be rubbed just right to produce major orgasms. So the next time a man is eager to get off, try a few different techniques to find out if the g-spot is active. How to Get a Woman in Bed

– venture into new…urations.It’s altogether too easy to hit a woman in the early going; either she’s in a particularly small room, or she’s already snuggling with another guy when the light goes out. This can be such a great distraction that the need for a quickie is temporarily forgotten. Or the two of you might be too tired to methodically engage in lovemaking. Remember, a woman is often breathing heavy during sex, and a long session can often be interrupted by either partner having to catch their breath. There’s no reason to skip a great orgasm, no matter how long it lasts.

– Work on the “other” stuff.It’s mostly a matter of will – and specifically, what a guy can do to pleasantly please his partner in bed. In a survey of more than 2,000 women conducted by, the top ways to arouse a woman were:

– My favorite is definitely lots and lots of foreplay. There’s a reason why you see certain guys who appear to be engaging simply to have sex, and while that may be great for them, I can guarantee that it will be a big problem for you. If you spend a few minutes preparing ahead of time (i.e., picking out clothes that the two of you can afford, rings that will likely add to the mood, etc.), you’ll enjoy a better time together.

– experimenting with new positions.The number one thing all womanizers agree on is that different positions are much more intense. How to Get a Woman in Bed