The majority of men think that they can get a woman to do anything and everything including having sex. Unfortunately, this is a big myth. Remember that women are people too, not toys you can use in bed to make her have the time of her life.  The truth is that women like men to treat them with respect and care about their feelings.

The way to her heart and the way to a woman’s bed are different things. Men should know this. If you’re willing to treat a woman with respect you will be well on your way to getting what you want, but if you don’t show it, you’ll be shafted.

So how can you show her that you care about her? There are many ways you can do this, but here are three of them to get her sexually charged. With these three tips, you can make a woman like you to her clothes.


Here’s something that men should know. A woman can not cheat on you, but she can choose to end the relationship. So, she better want to get it over with. If you are not doing something she approves of, then she may opt for another man that will satisfy her.

So, how to satisfy a woman in bed? The secret is not orgasms. It is the right foreplay and nothing else. If you do not research the woman deeply you will be wasting your time. A woman gets stimulated by gentle kisses, caressing, and nibbling her neck, breasts, and stomach. Soft kisses that go to her inner thighs are very stimulating to a woman. Kiss her all over her body and use your tongue to lick her ears and neck. You may also kiss her on her breasts and nipples. To avoid leaving marks tell her that you are just kissing her to make her feel comfortable.

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One of the most prominent mistakes men make when having sex with women is to rush for intercourse. Don’t do this if you want to have a relationship. You should spend more time in foreplay to make your partner get really hot and sexually excited. If you rush things, you may spoil the wonderful experience for her. And no one likes to be left unsatisfied.

Here are some tips to make your woman satisfied in bed.

1. During foreplay, do not use your fingers to stimulate her. You may think this is not effective, but what hurts her is applying cold and dry fingers to her most sensitive area. Your warm, wet tongue will provide the friction and clitoral stimulation that she needs to get her warmed up. And avoid using condoms. The lubrication from the lubricant may rub off onto her clitoris, and make her lose sensation and pleasure.

2. Find her g-spot, which may be more pronounced with some women. It is usually two inches into her vagina and when you stimulate it with two fingers the pleasure she gets is good. apply adequate pressure to this area and communicate with her. If you are not sure where it is, ask her.

3. Use your penis to stimulate her. Only penetrate her when she is ready. If you penetrate her too early she will lose sensation and you will not be able to give her an orgasm. You should delay your ejaculation until she has reached the climax several times. When she is about to reach orgasm you will be able to tell by her reaction if you should keep on thrusting. Keep on thrusting till she reaches the seventh climax. This will be a huge mental rush for her and it will be a good finish.

There are several ways to get your woman to reach a climax over and over again. It will be worth your while to try it.